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Save Sparrow, World Sparrow Day India, save sparrow bird

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Sparrow is nice bird and also we can say it is very cute….

Sparrow’s voice gives me a pleasure look towards it. It’s voice create natural as well as sweet environment to us. It creates amazing nest for taking care of it’s little child.

In every Summer, when Sparrow comes into house people were beware considering the Fan is on which may hit it at the time of flying. But from the last more three years I didn’t found Sparrows. I think they are on the stage of life surviving. 

Today India is celebrating world sparrow day on 20 March, 2012. On this precious day My message is to everyone on this world to Save Sparrow please put any effort to Save Sparrow by writing articles, blogs or any other way.

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Saving Sparrow

Save the Sparrow

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How to Save Sparrows

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Save our Sparrow

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Aims to Save Birds.......on the World......on the Earth......

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  1. I like this blog who work for saving wild life.
    I really like this blog and want more useful post about this mission .

    Thanks Author...


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